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Our Elementary PTO always remembers to honor faculty and staff by serving us meals and snacks during Teacher Appreciation Week. Thanks for generously giving of your time to recognize our efforts.


Haskell Elementary School

UIL Teams place 2nd

2nd grade results: Chess Puzzle - Koby Caparoon (tied for 2nd), and Heston Tatum (5th), Colton Crosson, Kadence Addington (alt.) The team placed 1st. Creative Writing - Ashlynn Lindsey (5th), Tessa Eddleman, and Layla Solano. Music Memory - Colton Crosson and Koby Caparoon (tied 1st), and Tessa Eddleman (tied 6th). This team placed 1st. Koby and Colton received perfect scores. Oral Reading - Teagen Hodgin (5th), Tessa Eddleman (6th), and Payden Wheat. 2nd grade earned 70.2 points.

3rd grade results: Chess Puzzle - Haegen Pinkerton, Kennedy Buchanan, Kris Tyler, and Jaxson Torres, the alternate. Music Memory - Sierra Castorena (1st), Joselynne (3rd), and Haegen Pinkerton. The team placed 1st. Sierra received a perfect score. Oral Reading - Joselynne Tidrow (3rd), Brynlee Stocks, and Lyric Pittman. Ready Writing - Kennedy Buchanan, Brynlee Stocks, and Natalia Perez. Spelling - Gloria Perez (1st), Natalia Perez (2nd), and Lyric Pittman. Gloria and Natalia received a perfect score. 3rd grade earned 58 points.

4th Grade Results: Art Smart - Sienna Sanchez (1st), Dallas Silvas (tied 3rd), Weston Lackey (6th), Katelyn Casey, and Za’Keem Billington. The team placed 1st. Sienna received a perfect score. Chess Puzzle - Lane Addington (3rd), Matthew Gober (5th), Katelyn Casey, Weston Lackey, the alternate. The team place 2nd. Music Memory - Lucy Hatfield and Katelyn Casey (tied 1st), Colton Gober, Cami Guess, and Paige Scheets. The team placed 2nd. Lucy, Kaitlyn, and Cami received a perfect score. Number Sense - Colton Gober (2nd), Mason Pierson (3rd), Mahala Williams, and Grant Ferguson, the alternate. The team placed 2nd. Oral Reading - Ryan Cox (1st), Calee Phemister, and Raegan Adkins. Ready Writing - Colton Gober, Dylan Castorena, and Dallas Silvas. Spelling - Jaxon White (4th), Paige Scheets, Mason Pierson, and Colton Gober, the alternate. The team placed 3rd. 4th grade earned 138.4 points.
5th grade results: Art Smart - Hailey Garcia (3rd) and Caden West (4th). Chess Puzzle - Gavin Gibson, Ezra Anderson, Manny Garcia, and Ruben Martinez, the alternate. Dictionary - Kayce Coleman (2nd), Hannah Nichols (4th), Gavin Gibson, Olivia Stoker, the alternate. The team placed 1st. Listening - Ada Pierson (2nd), Jonathan Brown (tied 3rd), Carley Isbell, and Olivia Stoker, the alternate. The team placed 3rd. Maps, Graphs, and Charts - Montrel Johnson, Aiden Martinez, Nevaeh Guerrero. Music Memory - Kayce Coleman placed 6th. Number Sense - Ada Pierson, Colt Moore, Caden West, and Ezra Anderson, the alternate. Oral Reading - Kelbi Parks, Olivia Stoker, and Carley Isbell. Ready Writing - Ada Pierson (6th), Caden West, and Bella Rivera. Social Studies - Ada Pierson (3rd) and Jonathan Brown. Spelling - Colt Moore (1st), Kayce Coleman (2nd), Caden West (6th), and Ezra Anderson, the alternate. The team placed 1st. Colt received a perfect score. 5th grade earned 128 points. Congratulations to all Haskell teams and coaches for scoring a total of 394.6 points.
Elementary School
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  • Tardy Policy and Discipline Procedures

    Tardiness is almost as bad as being absent.  Even a few minutes missed each day can cause a student to miss valuable skills and fall behind in his/her work.  WE NEED THEM HERE AND ON TIME IN ORDER TO TEACH THEM.  WITH THE NEW REQUIREMENTS PLACED ON STUDENTS, A FEW TARDIES/ABSENCES CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROMOTION AND RETENTION.  Parents/Guardians who habitually bring their children after the 8:10 tardy bell will be filed on in Municipal Court.

    Infraction Number & Consequence

    1st Tardy -- Warning
    2nd Tardy -- Parent Contact
    3rd Tardy -- Warning Letter
    4th Tardy -- Lunch D-Hall
    5th Tardy -- Lunch D-Hall
    6th Tardy -- Charges Filed

    *Each 6 weeks, the tardy policy will start over.


    1. Always call the office at 940-864-2654 to let us know that your child will be absent.
    2. When your child returns to school, 
    he/she needs to check in with the front office to get an admit slip.
    3. Always send a note, signed by a parent or guardian, explaining the absence.
    4. If a note is not provided for 
    an absence within (3) three days, the absences will be UNEXCUSED regardless of the reason.
    5. Always send a medical note when possible; additionally, this is required if absent more than (3) three consecutive days.
    6. Try to schedule doctor’s appointments as late in the afternoon as possible. 
    Upon returning to school from a doctor’s appointment, please remember to bring a doctor’s excuse.
Photographing students other than your own is prohibited.
Students are not permitted to receive deliveries (i.e. flowers, gifts, birthday party items (cupcakes)) at school. 
Parents/Guardians are welcome to come eat with their children. When eating with your child you must sit in the designated grade area. DO NOT share food or purchase ice cream for other students due to food allergies. The price for visitor lunches is $3.50. Parents should pre-pay for student lunches. The office will open at 7:45 am to take payments. Lunches are $2.25 for regular and $.40 for reduced. The district has a no charge policy. Students who go over two charges will be given a commodity lunch. Every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian prior to that occurring.
Our Mission
The mission of Haskell CISD is to create a safe, nurturing community, empowering all students to reach their full potential and become responsible, productive citizens by providing opportunities for their success.

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